step through the portal.

bow your head and let the thorns pierce your skin.

leave a crimson tribute to verdant earth.

you are a body, finite and fragile. 

welcome to the in-between.

arrow white.png

say hello.

look death in her face.

see how she breathes.

watch worlds awaken as she exhales.

meet your future self.

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feel the weight of your body.

imagine your self melting into the soil.

you are full of life now and always,

cycling through forms.

decompose, recompose, and rise.

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arrow white.png


meet with the the more-than-human.

merge together.

entangle yourself within a web.

exchange breaths.

give form to symbiosis.



in a toppled world, make a home.

build up with the fallen.

raise shelter and rest.

then fall once more,

with love for the next.