(with Pablo Helguera) Clockwise: Jarrod Cluck,

Rachel Wojnar, Gina Furnari, Leslie Sobel, sTo Len

The third cohort of the Nomad MFA program at University of Hartford began in the Summer of 2018 in Rhinebeck, NY. Under the guidance of writer, curator and eco artist Linda Weintraub, we lived and worked together along with Program Director Carol Padberg and all around magic organizer Carla Corcoran and began what would be a two year journey that took us from Hartford, Connecticut to Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Mexico, and Miami.

Traveling together, C3 was privileged to be the third group of students in this radical redesigning of what a Masters in Fine Arts can be. Through an ecologically conscious and politically woke interdisciplinary program, we studied, collaborated, and worked with teachers such as Caroline Woolard, Mary Mattingly, Christy Gast, Ernesto Pujol, Roxanne Swentzell, Pablo Helguera, Pedro Lasch, Marisa Williamson, Amanda Lovelee, Ramona Kitto Stately, Shanai Matteson, Houston Cypress, and Muriel Hasbun. These trips involved unforgettable, on the ground and in the field learning, adapting, creating and building of relationships, artwork, exhibitions, lectures, readings and discussions. Through it all, C3 has embodied these experiences into their own art practices, furthering their evolution as artists who are committed to decolonizing and reimagining the role an artist can play in the 21st century.     

Zooming during Covid Times

with Caroline Woolard in Brooklyn, NY

Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico

With the Cloud people, Oaxaca, Mexico

Cuba, New Mexico